Episode 33: Don’t Keep Your Day Job, Radical Empathy and Authenticity with Podcast Host and Songwriter Cathy Heller

Songwriter and Podcast Host Cathy Heller joins Mallory in The MILK Studio. Cathy’s passion is helping others to realize their passions, and her podcast “Don’t Keep Your Day Job,” is hugely popular. Each week, Cathy interviews guests like Jonathan Adler, Bobbi Brown, Jenna Fischer and other creative powerhouses, who share their successes and how they arrived where they are, inspiring her listeners to make money doing what they love.

Cathy Heller MILK Podcast Mallory Kasdan

Cathy is a songwriter, and started out pitching her own music in the film and television world. She has licensed her songs over hundreds of times to to film, television and commercials, and has been featured in Billboard, LA Weekly, and Variety. She went on to start her own licensing company, Catch The Moon Music and helps represents other songwriters as well. With the “Don’t Keep Your Day Job” podcast and on-line community she has created,Cathy acts as mentor, coach, and friend to her listeners. We talk multi-tasking mamas, marriage, authenticity, guilt, expectations and making others feel valued. Cathy lives in Los Angeles with her family, where she gets to write songs outside on her guitar! Find her at www.CathyHeller.com

Episode 9: Early Dotcom, Martha Stewart, and WTH is Life Coaching Anyway with Allison Task

Allison Task joins me in the MILK Studio to talk about her career path from the early, heady dot com days, to cooking, writing cookbooks and TV hosting, and now to career and life coaching.

Longtime friends Mal and Al remember their first year sharing a one bedroom apartment in NYC, and Allison tells stories about working for (and working out with) Martha Stewart.

We find out the benefits of parents defining exactly what they are looking to accomplish, especially when we feel like we can barely keep it all together. And we go meta when Mallory gets coached by Allison -- goals are stated and no doubt Allison will make Mallory accountable.