Episode 25: Women Killing It, Willing It, Faking It and Making It with Podcast Host and Investigative Journalist Sally Hubbard

Sally Hubbard, Creator and Host of “Women Killing It” Podcast, joins Mallory in the MILK Studio.

Sally Hubbard podcast Mallory Kasdan MILK Podcast.png

Through interviews and real-life storytelling, Sally’s mission is to create a movement of women celebrating successes and inspiring one another. Sally attended NYU Law School and later became an investigative journalist, striving to uncover just how do successful women do it? Inspired by stories of shattering the proverbial “glass ceiling,” Sally looks to reveal a playbook for how women can kill it in their careers.

She and Mallory talk, at the tail end of 2017, about the reckoning of male sexual assaulters and harassers, how to keep up the good fight as an activist, and how flexibility in the workplace is good for all of us.

Check out Sally, and her fabulous feminist positive podcast at www.womenkillingit.com.

Episode 12: Lifelong Activism, Thinking Antrhopologically, and Actual Facetime with Dr. Alison Hall

Dr. Alison Hall received her Ph.D. in Anthropology, worked as a lecturer teaching and had a career as a Museum Director at The Arkansas Museum of Science and History, The Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium, and The Children’s Museum of Arkansas. 

Upon retirement from museum work, Dr. Hall taught at the University of Central Arkansas, and won two university research grants. In 2015 she retired from teaching in order to help her daughter pursue a demanding career in medicine, and now divides her time between Brooklyn (where she cares for three grandsons aged 4, 7, and 10 years old) and Arkansas.

She has served on boards of Women’s Action for New Directions, Heifer International, Arkansas Sustainability Network, and the Arkansas chapter of the A.C.L.U. She is still actively engaged in what has become a lifelong pursuit of political and community activism. Between all that, she is finishing up her book about Italian collective farming that she began researching in the 1970s. Amazing.

Episode 11: Helping Moms, Mom is Helping, and Trolling DJT with Juliana Sanchez Gebb

Dr. Juliana Sanchez Gebb is in the MILK studio talking to Mallory on International Women's Day. Juliana is an attending high-risk obstetrician in the Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and a mother to three boys.

She has a notable commute from New York for her intense job, and manages childcare with help from her own mother, Alison Hall. Juliana has found a creative way to further her career and cultivate her specific medical interests, while relying on her mom and husband for support. She doesn't make it look easy, because its not! She’s lovely and calm, but also enjoys trolling the current POTUS on Twitter. 

Episode 8: Activists, Artists, Educators and MILKS - The Women Who Made New York with Julie Scelfo

Julie Scelfo, journalist and author of “The Women Who Made New York" is in the MILK studio with me.

A collection of written portraits of the Nasty Women who built this city, illustrated with flair by artist Hallie Heald, TWWMNY is a must read at this moment in history.

Julie tells some choice anecdotes about MILKy women featured in the book – activists like Margaret Sanger and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, artists like Joan Rivers and Yoko Ono, and writers like Joan Didion. We discuss why media literacy and empathy matter so much right now, and how Julie is driven to tell stories about how we all live.