My writing has been featured in Elliman Magazine, Mommyish and Tue/Night. 

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Redhook awakens

Mallory Kasdan discusses the evolution of the popular Brooklyn neighborhood in Elliman Magazine.


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Pumpkin, Spice and Everything Nice

Experience the beauty of autumn in New York in Mallory Kasdan's "Pumpkin, Spice and Everything Nice," featured in Elliman Magazine.


The Bravermans Are Going to Be Ok — And So Am I

I really had no idea of the emotional assault that was “Parenthood,” a familiar seeming primetime NBC drama that looked and smelled like the “Thirty-something” of my youth smushed together with “Friday Night Lights.” Lots of familiar, good-looking television actors and a Bob Dylan theme song to boot. How had I missed this?

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Kenahora, Dude: Why I Knock On Wood Before Bragging OnlineWr

Writer Mallory Kasdan talks about the "confusing existential feeling that if I don’t post a picture or say something cute about what I’m doing..." in Tue/Night, a magazine for moms over 40. 

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Mommy Wars: Humorless Parents are the Worst Kind

"When it comes to parenting, you just can’t have enough of a sense of humor. There are way too many moments ripe for parody. And, frankly, if you can’t laugh at the ridiculousness of life with kids and the situations you end up finding yourself in, then you’re not someone I want to chat with at the sandbox."

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Happiness Means Living In The Moment…And Having An Awesome Babysitter

So here’s how to make your [Happiness Project] more accessible and less enviable, at least to other parents: mention your babysitter loudly and proudly. Admit that it’s a lifesaver that she comes every day and the many nights you and your husband go to dinner parties and lectures and work events. 

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