MILK Podcast: The Loss Season, Episode 4 : Funerals for the Living, Considering Alternatives, Missing Your Parents No Matter Your Age with Funeral Director Caroline Schrank

Caroline Schrank of Down to Earth Funerals joins Mallory in the MILK Podcast studio during The Loss Season.

With a background in fashion photography production, event and party planning, and the mother of two boys, Caroline Schrank was no stranger to handling details. But when both of her parents died within a few years of each other, she plunged deeply into the world of death, dying, and funerals. Caroline went back to school to become a funeral director, and Down to Earth Funerals, or DTE, was born. 

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As a funeral director, Caroline aims to take the confusion and complexity out of end of life planning. Her goal is to educate and inform people that death and funerals aren’t “one size fits all,” and that there are options and ways to enhance life beyond loss. She and Mallory talk about their own wishes, about handling bodies, mitzvahs and wanting to connect loved ones who have passed.

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