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Episode 14

Filmmaker and Producer Susannah Ludwig joins Mallory in the MILK studio to talk about making joyful documentaries, applying her producer hat to love, and embracing the darkness of uncertain health. We talk anxiety and positivity, and how those factors shape us as mothers and daughters. Susannah is optimistic, really likes making lists, is driven in life and in love, and shines as a mom and as a human. 

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episode 13

Stylist and Art Director Alyssa Dineen joins Mallory in the MILK studio to talk about how clothes can make the (+40) woman. Many of Alyssa's personal styling clients are mothers looking to find an identity post kids, and she shows them how to approach getting dressed for this phase of life. They talk about raising confident daughters, dressing and dating after divorce, and good, quality basics. Alyssa is talented, smart and absolutely knows what you should wear to that thing.

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episode 12


 Dr. Alison Hall received her Ph.D. in Anthropology, worked as a lecturer teaching and had a career as a Museum Director at The Arkansas Museum of Science and History, The Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium, and The Children’s Museum of Arkansas. 

Upon retirement from museum work, Dr. Hall taught at the University of Central Arkansas, and won two university research grants. In 2015 she retired from teaching in order to help her daughter pursue a demanding career in medicine, and now divides her time between Brooklyn (where she cares for three grandsons aged 4, 7, and 10 years old) and Arkansas. She has served on boards of Women’s Action for New Directions, Heifer International, Arkansas Sustainability Network, and the Arkansas chapter of the A.C.L.U. She is still actively engaged in what has become a lifelong pursuit of political and community activism. Between all that, she is finishing up her book about Italian collective farming that she began researching in the 1970s. Amazing.

episode 11

Dr. Juliana Sanchez Gebb is in the MILK studio talking to Mallory on International Women's Day.

Juliana is an attending high-risk obstetrician in the Center for Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and a mother to three boys. She has a notable commute from New York for her intense job, and manages childcare with help from her own mother, Alison Hall.

Juliana has found a creative way to further her career and cultivate her specific medical interests, while relying on her mom and husband for support. She doesn't make it look easy, because its not! She’s lovely and calm, but also enjoys trolling the current POTUS on Twitter.

episode 10

Novelist Lucinda Rosenfeld joins Mallory in the MILK studio to talk about her latest novel, CLASS. A satirical look at life in Brooklyn's bubbly cauldron of privilege, need, guilt and self-righteousness, the book GOES THERE, and is an unflinching and funny look at a rather familiar liberal community. They discuss Lucinda's longevity as a writer, working through the losses of their mothers, sexuality and being seen as a woman over 40, sisters, and the power of being twenty something. Lucinda is sharp, hilarious, and candid both in her writing and in what she shares with Mallory as a MILK.

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