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ELLA is a loving, modern parody of ELOISE, one of my favorite children's books of all time. I was inspired by my own daughter, who was six when I wrote ELLA, and by my beloved Brooklyn, which I love to gently make fun of.

 Ella on Entertainment Weekly's the Top 10 Must List 

Ella on Entertainment Weekly's the Top 10 Must List 

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In Mallory Kasdan and Marcos Chin's 'ELLA', 'Eloise' Gets a Hipster Makeover, and It Is Everything We Never Knew We Needed - Bustle

"Kasdan’s voice is pitch perfect and the text is a joy—layered with hilarious detail and whimsy, but also moments of beautiful melancholy. It’s kid friendly and grown-up witty." - South Brooklyn Post

Ella, Featured in the New York Post

"the Hippest Character in Children’s Lit" - Brit + Co 

"Take Eloise out of the Plaza, put her on a scooter, and give her a smartphone — and what you get is sheer perfection." - Huffington Post

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"Perfectly cheeky and sure to provide smiles to both adults and kids alike, this humorous homage is a must-have for parents who fell in love with Kay Thompson’s classic Eloise and want to share that same sense of mischief and adventure with their kids." - Bookish

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