Mallory Kasdan.jpeg

Photo: Heather Phelps Lipton

Mallory Kasdan is the host and producer of MILK Podcast: Moms I’d Like to Know.

She hosts the podcasts “How to Raise a Parent” from Slate Studios and Dairy Pure, and “Coffee and Crayons” from Slate Studios and Target.

Mallory is also a professional voice actor for television and radio, represented by Buchwald.

Mallory is the author of ELLA, published by Viking Children’s Books. The grooviest six year old since Eloise ruled The Plaza in the 1950’s, ELLA lives at The Local Hotel with her Manny, her pets and her scooter. 

Mallory writes essays about parenting and has produced arts & culture pieces for public radio. She does regular book events for ELLA, and is available to speak about parenting, podcasting, and storytelling.

Mallory lives in Brooklyn with her family.